I work with children who struggle

My work focuses around children who struggle with confidence issues related to poor body image.

Here are the kinds of children I help and the issues that they’re dealing with:

  • Children who feel frustrated and discouraged about their lack of physical ability
  • Children who struggle in sports, P.E. and playground activities
  • Children who are small and underdeveloped for their age
  • Children who feel physically fragile (lack physical ruggedness)
  • Children who would benefit from greater levels of mental toughness and emotionally resilience
  • Children who shy away from physical activity due to anxiety, shame or embarrassment
  • Children who lack sufficient exercise and physical activity to stay healthy and fit
  • Children struggling with ADHD and other learning disorders which make it difficult, if not impossible, for them to compete with others their age

Left unchecked, these issues can leave children feeling “less than” and hamper their overall sense of well-being.  Using a body-centered approach, I help children strengthen self-confidence, improve physical fitness and build athletic competence.

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